Whiskey & Cocktails at Crust Pizzeria Guam

If you’re in the market for a good cocktail, Crust Pizzeria has a fine selection of booze. Home to the InstaFamous @whiskeychefs, the bartenders @bobbert0630 // @phinux13 // @jack.8800 (the establishment’s owner) will take you for a ride. For starters, their Old Fashioned is a champ.

Picture Bulleit Bourbon as your base, and throw in some fine WhiskeyChef skills, bada-bing-bada-boom, your newest bartender friend Rob has just served you a fine cocktail at a fine establishment.

Don’t forget their selection of other fine spirits. Whistle Pig is a great newcomer to Guam’s whiskey scene. Take it neat, take it up, take it splashed. Come as you are, Rob won’t mind. Test your taste buds with some Russel’s Reserve if you’re looking to make it a flight of whiskey…

Single of Bulleit Bourbon

I have always been a fan of Bulleit Bourbon. It is not a pretentious brand, and it doesn’t play one on the internet nor on the bar tab. You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who won’t like the taste of this versatile spirit. Make sure that you understand what you are ordering, Bulleit Bourbon is not the same as Bulleit Rye.

Let’s move on to some regional whiskey. Kavalan is a unique experience for any whiskey connoisseur. This Taiwanese spirit is a newcomer to the scene and develops a unique flavor from its unique brewing environment in the North of Taiwan. For you Guamanian’s out there, you’ll love the fact that this is owned and operated by the King Car Group. This means the same “liquid gold” consistency coming from their lemon tea can be expected from their whiskey! An odd pairing to be in the same sentence, but the people know how to make beverages!

For those of you new to drinking whiskey, you will probably find people telling you how to drink your whiskey. Please don’t feel obligated to walk up and order your whiskey “neat”, “up”, “splashed” or any other way a Don Draper type might order. Find out how you like your beverage and enjoy it that way. The best way to know is to experiment, and ask the bartender. If you are curious, I will tell you what I do. I keep it simple, if I am drinking to enjoy the spirit and its host of flavors, simple is best for me; I ask my WhiskeyChef to simply put a single cube of ice in it. Crust offers this experience. It is classic, and it does not detract from the flavor profile. If you do want it neat or with a splash of water…do what makes you happy. You are enjoying it, and it is no one else’s business to tell you how to enjoy life!

If you are looking to have that cocktail or that whiskey experience, you’re in for a real treat.

Drink responsibly, and don’t forget to have fun with amazing staff @Crust_Guam