It is no secret that a well-oiled machine needs maintenance. Often, businesses and the gears that run them need to be serviced. Employees and employers can become numb to inefficient processes that create a reliance on human capital. Because of this, productivity becomes a buzz-word, and innovation is stifled in the name of comfort.

Enter Stephen Gatewood Consulting (SGC).

SGC offers a full suite of consulting services.


My experience working in the Tourism Industry for the past six years has allowed me to develop an acute understanding of Sales & Marketing best practices in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region. Over the past six years, I have created a network of agents, influencers and content creators throughout Asia. With this perspective, I embrace the disruptive technologies of today to create a roadmap for business success.

SGC will elevate your organization’s visibility using targeted techniques specific to each target market.


Having integrated SaaS (Software as a Service) best practices within multiple businesses, I am uniquely qualified to increase productivity and streamline your business. Efficiency is pivotal in targeting the 20% of activities that produce 80% of your business results. I will provide you with the means to capture, clarify and organize your business actions.