Son of Guam. Global Citizen.

I am a simple man who grew up in the village of Yona. The day job is Entrepreneur. The night job is that of Foodie and Friend; you can find me at various restaurants on the beautiful island of Guam.

I have a mixed heritage of Caucasian, Chamorro, and Pohnpeiian among other things. My grandmother liked to tease that I am a ChopSuey of ethnicities. Living on Guam and having my foot in the door of both Eastern and Western cultures has afforded me a unique perspective on life.

Stay tuned for all of my adventures!

It’s 2020, I aim to move in a positive direction. I will share my life, my travels, my experiences, and my love of food and drink on this site.

Dive into my realm of living. It’s simple.

Go Everywhere. Talk to Everyone. Eat Everything.